Pororo Penguin Run

We love Pororo the Penguin. Because it’s cute and it is a penguin, anything can go wrong with both things. Now, we have the official game of Pororo the Little Penguin, an award-winning cartoon series.

In this game you can run, jump and fly (well, Pororo can) your way across Pororo’s amazing world, collecting stars and coins on the way with a simple and easy ”touch and tilt” control. The game has several levels, each one have the adorable, and well animated, characters from the Pororo cartoon.

We can race through fun tracks, from ice palaces to snowy towns, complete new daily and weekly challenges for great rewards, dazzling bonus modes with cars, planes, rockets and more.

In the bad part, there is only one issue that would make it great game if it’s fixed… waiting 10 minutes to play one more level is a bit too far. Remember this is a game based on the freemium mode, but 10 minutes is hard. ¿Like Candy Crush?

In the online part, the game let us compare high scores with friends and send them free gifts. Pororo Penguin Run, a really easy game to learn, is free on Windows Phone devices, Android and iOS Apple.

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